JackRabbit Fundamentals

The JackRabbit was created by master inventor and engineer Tom Piszkin. With experience in rigorous automotive development at Ford Motor Company, Tom progressed to independently create the TitanFlex, a long distance triathlon bike that won the prestigious Race Across America. The same fundamental rigor and expertise is inherent in the JackRabbit.


Not a bike, not a scooter. The JackRabbit is fundamentally unique.

Distance Comfort: how long the average rider feels comfortable and safe in riding extended distances.

Mobility Portability: Can you take it with you easily in your car? Up a flight of stairs? Store it unobtrusively behind a door?

The JackRabbit is a hybridized innovation that fundamentally bridges a chasm in the Micromobility solutions space.


Stride and Glide baby! JackRabbit is the only 21st century vehicle that offers a 19th century mode of operation.  Simply stride with your legs while your body weight is supported by the saddle. Alternate legs as needed. You can easily sustain 6 mph on the flats and you can’t get any greener!

Our diverse customer user group and fan base from our successful Kickstarter campaign and CES 2019 booth has proven out and exceeded our expectations. From college students to the 70+ year old customers, the solid fundamentals prove out JackRabbit’s broad applicability and suitability.


True fundamentals run profoundly deep, wide, and far.

What may seem simple looks that way because it is profoundly well planned and layered. You see a sublimely simple eStrider but there is much more that you don’t yet see.

Check out the solutions & segments and our roadmap and then contact us to understand more. Working with us directly is the best way to succeed.