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Tech Transfer Ready!

Past secured. Present ready. Future secured.


Intellectual Property

With an IP portfolio consisting of patents, trade secrets, and transferrable know-how, the JackRabbit team is deeply committed to IP protection and proliferation. The JackRabbit team Co-Founders are inventors on hundreds of patents with global IP portfolio strategy, transfer, licensing, and litigation experience. We are open for business.

Feature & Evolution Planning

Interested in doing business with us? If you partner with us, we’ll share details of our extensive roadmap for the evolution of the platform and feature tracks. The JackRabbit team applies decades of product management know-how to rigorously develop and succeed on roadmap planning. From CAD design to agile development practices, the JackRabbit roadmap is ready to roll.

We’re keen to talk details of our roadmap details in areas such as:

  • Core mechanical platform

  • Electrical and power systems

  • Internet of Things (IoT) systems

  • Portability and advanced materials

  • Evolution and feature sets per market segment

Global Production & Distribution

The JackRabbit team has decades of global business experience that is focused on enabling JackRabbit to serve multiple segments within and across boarders. Our roadmap extends to efficient supply chain planning, vendor and ecosystem partnership systems, regulatory relations, and import-export systems. Let us share our roadmap with you and the world.

It is easier and more productive to work with the JackRabbit team than to pursue alternative paths.

Work with us. We will work with you.