Solutions & Segments

Groundbreaking solutions to transportation challenges. Suitable to many market segments.


The Stable Solution

Large wheel diameter provides shock absorbtion, big bump handling, and gyroscopic stablizing effect. Little wheels can’t do that!


The Lightweight Solution

Weighs in at ~20 lbs / 9 kg! Almost half the weight of most scooters and 3x lighter than typical eBikes. Makes it so easy to carry up/down stairs and take it in and out of cars.


The Steady Solution

Onroad, offroad, wet, dry, frozen… The large wheel and proven steady-design fundamentals means you can ride in more types of terrain.


The Flexible Fit Solution

7 inches of saddle adjustment means JackRabbit accommodates riders from 5 ft to 6’4” tall and up to 220 pounds.


The Stowable Solution

Made by a car designer, JackRabbit fits behind the front seats of any car. 6 inches / 15.25 cm wide. Smaller front wheel and short wheelbase.


The Comfortable Solution

Natural “cruiser” seating position means you ride in comfort. No back-aggravating leaning over or awkward leg positions.


The Reliable Solution

A commitment to the use of robust decades-proven tech where possible means high reliability. In frame design, brake components, and more


The Clean Solution

No greasy chain or other dirt-prone bits. Designed to stay clean and be easily wiped clean. Keeps your pants and storage areas clean.


The Safe Solution

Easy and natural to put your feet down. Four points on the ground between 2 wheels and 2 legs. Very difficult to fall down when striding.


The Storable Solution

Light enough to be hung on a peg, thin enough to be stored behind a door or closet. And unobtrusive enough to store to the side most anywhere.


The Maneuverable Solution

An extremely tight (30”) turning radius. Able to be used indoors as a strider to navigate tight hallways and turns. Superior to walkers for fit seniors and certain disabilities.


The Green Solution

Striding with eAssist when needed means you’ll be giving the environment a break from gas and electric-only vehicles.


Automotive and Urban Commuters

Our product roadmap features refinements for JackRabbit docking in automobiles for mid-mile benefits. Commute via train/subway/bus? JackRabbit is small and light enough to be held right next to you.


University Students and Campuses

Unlike bicycles, the JackRabbit is able to be brought into classrooms and dorm rooms due to its small size, low weight, and cleanliness. Unlike scooters, the JackRabbit supports saddlebags, racks, and other payloads flexibly.


Shared eVehicle Rental Market

The JackRabbit has several attractive attributes for the shared micromobility service operator market including additional resiliency to weather and a friendly, familiar design to the scooter-squeamish. Also easier for chargers and fleet management.

boat rv.jpg

Recreational Vehicles and Boating

No need to have clumsy and theft-prone bike racks on the outside of the RV or boat: just store the ultra portable JackRabbit inside! Comfortable and cargo ready, a trip to the store from the RV parking spot or boat slip is a breeze on the JackRabbit.


Seniors, Disabled, and Retirement Communities

More convenient, versatile and fun than a walker, rascal, or golf cart, the JackRabbit empowers active seniors and disabled folks to go places. In addition to outdoor riding, the JackRabbit provides support and high maneuverability for indoor use too.


Resorts and Events

Many guests aren’t comfortable riding scooters and don’t want to peddle a bike around. JackRabbit provides a stable and effortless appeal to guests with low cost and maintenance requirements.